Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who invented this thing?

I want to know who invented the Baby Phone/Monitor? It has it's good side of course. No questions about that. But when I put my little guy down to sleep, and I'm back in the living room, I can't take my eyes and ears off the monitor. Anxiously awaiting the crying and the red lights coming on full force.
The little dude is really fighting his teeth right now and I was glad that I had him in his crib, kind of asleep. So I went into the living room and sat down on the couch trying to relax, watching the monitor and it was really, really quiet, for about 15 minutes...
There was a little noise and I always try to tell myself that it was on TV and it couldn't be from his room. Then I pay attention to the lights on the monitor and hope, that they don't come on.
And bamm! There it is! All the lights on and crying and crying! So much for the peace and quiet I hoped for all day...
Guess what happened? "Mr. Tooth Factory" pooped himself awake for the third time this week!
I would almost call him talented. I should get a bumper sticker, "I'm proud of my son, who poops himself awake!"
Let's try this again! Good night... :-)

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  1. And the teething poops are the worst, too; there's no ignoring those and hoping he goes back to sleep!