Sunday, August 29, 2010

Childhood Memories Part 2

In 1982 I was in the German "Sesame Street" as a stand in. It was a lot of fun and it's one of my favorite memories. Never made it big afterwards and I still had to continue to go to school... ;-)

The story was that "Samson" the big bear should get new shoes at the market. I had to walk around as a visitor of the market. I'm the one in the left corner with the way to big red sweater. I couldn't wear my own cloth just because of color problems with the cameras.

I'm really thankful that my little sister could get her hands on these pictures from 1982!

Great Memories!

Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Childhood Memories

My wife asks me every once in a while about my childhood memories and most of the time I don't have any memories. She wanted to know which parent I would go to when I was hurt for example and I can't find an answer. It's just blank in my head and it feels really weird. Alzheimer's maybe? I have no idea!

I had a great childhood! I know that for sure. Loving family and a great neighborhood with lots of friends... I spend a lot of time playing outside and I know that I would like my kids to grow up the same way.

But not many other memories are left about kindergarten, first years of school, birthdays, vacations etc. I would like to know if I need to get that checked out, or if anybody else out there has the same thing going on!?

There are a few things I remember 100%,

In 1985, back in the days without cellphones, my Dad didn't come home from work at his usual time. My mom, my sister and I were sitting at home, all worried and had no idea what was going on. Trying to reach him at work, but there was no answer at all... What happened???

After hours of waiting my Dad came home and was fine. Here is what took place:

2 fighter jets from the German Army collided in the air - one went in a river and one fell on to the building my Dad worked in.

He was in Container sales and his office was on the bottom floor behind the 3rd and 4th opening from the right. (shown in picture below). He and his co workers only survived due to the containers to the right which caught the first fire wall. This gave them enough time to get out...

The German Army cleaning up after the big crash. Airplane engine on the truck, you can also see them hoisting landing gear.

The day after the building burned out completely. One co worker (a mechanic) didn't make it...
I'm really grateful that my Dad came home that night!
And even so it seems that I don't remember much form my early years, I know that my parents and I had and still have a loving bond. My Dad will be turning 70 next year and I'm glad the containers were right there to keep him in our lives.
Thank you!

Mr. Mom

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a let down

When we first found out that "we" were pregnant we thought we would get great support from my wife's mom with our little one. We got kind of a weird response when we first told my in laws that they will be grandparents in a few month. Didn't really think anything about it back then...

The day came when the little one arrived in our world and my mother and father in law visited us at the hospital of course right away. We had quiet a few friends visiting that day (no swine flu problems then) and one of our friends said to my mother in law: "It's nice that these 2 have you close by (about 15 min. from door to door) to support and help them out." - My mother in laws response was, "Me? No! I'm working and I have to get up at 4 in the morning...". That should have given us a big enough clue!

She is 67 years old, works 5 days a week and should really slow down a little and, "smell the roses". And what is with those other 2 days she is off, or the afternoons, or just make time for your family, or your GRANDCHILD!?

The next day after the birth, still in the hospital of course, my mother in law calls and wanted to know if we wanted to come over for Burgers and Fries! Really? What am I missing here? We are here with our newborn son, my wife is still in pain and she wants us to come to her house for dinner? What is wrong with this picture?
And this preceded even until now 14 month later...

The funny part in this is, that my father in law is all over the little guy when we see him (what is not really often)! He is not a people person and keeps to himself and we didn't think he would be connecting a lot with his grandson, but it's exactly the opposite.
It is so damn weird to us and it makes us angry at times. My wife tried to talk to her several times, but her mom gets offensive and doesn't see it.

We don't have any family here in the area. My wife's parents have their family's in Germany and Holland and my family, incl. my parents, are in Germany as well. So there is not much family here to support us and we were kind of thinking we would get at least a little bit of support.
She has never watched him in the last 14 months. Not even for 30 minutes. Never took him to the park, for a walk, or to the mall. Nothing, nada, zip, zero!!

The little guy has gotten only one present from them since he was born and that was for his birthday. That's if I don't count the diaper she got for Christmas. Wouldn't you be all over the little guy and just get him little things here and there when you go to the store? A cute bib, stuffed animal, onsie etc.? Things that, "I just had to get it." kind of stuff?
I really don't get it and it makes me angry and irritated! How can you not love our little Liam?

I could go on and on, but enough said and I think you get the picture! What do you think? Is there a book out there, Mother in Law for Dummies? Can anyone relate to this?

Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love it!

I love to watch my little guy fall asleep in the car seat. It's so great somehow, when he is fighting to fall asleep and his eyes are getting heavier and heavier until he can barely hold them open anymore...
I never see it when he is in his crib, but I'm glad to be able to experience it in the car every once in a while. It is very interesting to me how watching these little things warm my heart and make my day!

And he loves the pacifier upside down...

Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Milestone

Today was another weird day in parenthood. I had to lower the little ones crib. He is growing so fast and it was not safe anymore, so I lowered the crib down to the bottom. Can somebody please put a hold on the time? My little mini me is growing like crazy and I don't want it to happen this fast. Where did the last year go? Unbelievable...
I always thought that it can't be true, when friends told me in the past, that time flies, especially when you have kids. But they were right. Sad, but true...
I didn't even really think about it until I was moving the crib to get to the screws out and all of the sudden, it hit me: "Another Milestone" in my boys and our life! A weird feeling I tell you. I had to stop for a moment, looked at my wife and we got a little emotional there in his room. Amazing! I love you my little man!

Mr. Schnibbe Junior is growing up too fast for Daddy...

Having fun hiding behind the couch...

Enjoy every moment as much as you can!

Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

My favorite commercial

I love this commercial and I had to share it! Enjoy and don't tell me you can't relate... ;-)

What we as parents go through to keep the little ones asleep. Well rested Baby = Happy Baby!

Enjoy! :-)

Mr. Mom

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What if you see something amazing and you can't share it with your spouse?

Here is the problem: My wife is away from home for a few days in a row every week, working hard (flying all over the globe) to earn the money, that kind of keeps our heads over water. She is really busting her butt out there and I know that it is super hard for her to leave our little sunshine for so many days.
So what happens if (and I'm only saying if), if something would happen, what would be an amazing milestone in our sons life. I'm not saying that that happened yet, but if it would happen, I couldn't tell her. It would break her heart if she wouldn't be home for that. You can video tape it as much as you want, it's just not the same than experiencing it with your own eyes and/or ears.
Think about it! Your little one would crawl for the first time and you are away from home. Wouldn't you want to be there when this important milestone happens?
So, I pledged to myself not to say anything if this would ever happen in our house!
And, I can only imagine how much it would suck if my little mini me would take his first step on his own and I couldn't tell anyone...Luckily, we haven't gone through that yet. So, my plan is, (if this happens) to keep the secret to myself for a few days until my wonderful wife comes home and we can experience it for the "first time", together.
Knock on would, that these moments only happen when we are all together...

Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who invented this thing?

I want to know who invented the Baby Phone/Monitor? It has it's good side of course. No questions about that. But when I put my little guy down to sleep, and I'm back in the living room, I can't take my eyes and ears off the monitor. Anxiously awaiting the crying and the red lights coming on full force.
The little dude is really fighting his teeth right now and I was glad that I had him in his crib, kind of asleep. So I went into the living room and sat down on the couch trying to relax, watching the monitor and it was really, really quiet, for about 15 minutes...
There was a little noise and I always try to tell myself that it was on TV and it couldn't be from his room. Then I pay attention to the lights on the monitor and hope, that they don't come on.
And bamm! There it is! All the lights on and crying and crying! So much for the peace and quiet I hoped for all day...
Guess what happened? "Mr. Tooth Factory" pooped himself awake for the third time this week!
I would almost call him talented. I should get a bumper sticker, "I'm proud of my son, who poops himself awake!"
Let's try this again! Good night... :-)