Thursday, August 5, 2010

What if you see something amazing and you can't share it with your spouse?

Here is the problem: My wife is away from home for a few days in a row every week, working hard (flying all over the globe) to earn the money, that kind of keeps our heads over water. She is really busting her butt out there and I know that it is super hard for her to leave our little sunshine for so many days.
So what happens if (and I'm only saying if), if something would happen, what would be an amazing milestone in our sons life. I'm not saying that that happened yet, but if it would happen, I couldn't tell her. It would break her heart if she wouldn't be home for that. You can video tape it as much as you want, it's just not the same than experiencing it with your own eyes and/or ears.
Think about it! Your little one would crawl for the first time and you are away from home. Wouldn't you want to be there when this important milestone happens?
So, I pledged to myself not to say anything if this would ever happen in our house!
And, I can only imagine how much it would suck if my little mini me would take his first step on his own and I couldn't tell anyone...Luckily, we haven't gone through that yet. So, my plan is, (if this happens) to keep the secret to myself for a few days until my wonderful wife comes home and we can experience it for the "first time", together.
Knock on would, that these moments only happen when we are all together...

Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)


  1. Like I always say, "Nothing happens for the first time when I'm not home!" :)))

  2. My Daughter sat up on her own, said her first words, and crawled all while I was on deployment. My husband told me all about it and I cried, but then I cried again when I saw her do it for the first time in person as well, so I guess either way I was crying :). My mother does daycare and her rule is if a child does "a first" while there under her care she keeps it a secret. Good luck!!

  3. Wow Marissa! That must be so hard! I can only imagine... Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. I agree! Keep it a secret until your wife comes home. My husband travels a lot as well. Luckily, he didn't miss the MAJOR milestones, but he did miss first words. Daddy was one of our son's first words and I pretend that it was "THE" first word. Hopefully he will sit until mommy comes home and you can both share in the wonderful joy together!

  5. Thank you Tricia! I hope so too! :-)

  6. Good luck keeping milestones a secret until your wife comes home. I'd get emotional seeing & hearing about them. Hearing & not seeing would be worst.

  7. While you might not want to upset her, I know that as a mom, I would be very upset if I found out my spouse was keeping secrets from me. Ifeel like after all the hard work she went through of carrying him for nine months, she deserves to know when he does something special or reaches a developmental milestone. Personally, I don't think she will upset that she missed it-a little guilty because she's a working mom maybe, but hey millions of other working moms deal with that guilt everyday and they understand that what they are doing for the families is so important to their wellbeing.

    Just try to capture as much as you can. Maybe keeping a baby journal in which you write about everything you guys do while she's gone and maybe take some pictures to accompany each entry. She'll love reading about your adventues and it'll give her something to look forward to when she returns home from her flights.

  8. Thank you very much MamaOnDaGo and YUMMama for your comments. Appreciate it! I guess telling is better as always. I'm not a good liar anyways... ;-)