Saturday, August 28, 2010

Childhood Memories

My wife asks me every once in a while about my childhood memories and most of the time I don't have any memories. She wanted to know which parent I would go to when I was hurt for example and I can't find an answer. It's just blank in my head and it feels really weird. Alzheimer's maybe? I have no idea!

I had a great childhood! I know that for sure. Loving family and a great neighborhood with lots of friends... I spend a lot of time playing outside and I know that I would like my kids to grow up the same way.

But not many other memories are left about kindergarten, first years of school, birthdays, vacations etc. I would like to know if I need to get that checked out, or if anybody else out there has the same thing going on!?

There are a few things I remember 100%,

In 1985, back in the days without cellphones, my Dad didn't come home from work at his usual time. My mom, my sister and I were sitting at home, all worried and had no idea what was going on. Trying to reach him at work, but there was no answer at all... What happened???

After hours of waiting my Dad came home and was fine. Here is what took place:

2 fighter jets from the German Army collided in the air - one went in a river and one fell on to the building my Dad worked in.

He was in Container sales and his office was on the bottom floor behind the 3rd and 4th opening from the right. (shown in picture below). He and his co workers only survived due to the containers to the right which caught the first fire wall. This gave them enough time to get out...

The German Army cleaning up after the big crash. Airplane engine on the truck, you can also see them hoisting landing gear.

The day after the building burned out completely. One co worker (a mechanic) didn't make it...
I'm really grateful that my Dad came home that night!
And even so it seems that I don't remember much form my early years, I know that my parents and I had and still have a loving bond. My Dad will be turning 70 next year and I'm glad the containers were right there to keep him in our lives.
Thank you!

Mr. Mom


  1. Geez- what a story! You'll ALWAYS remember that I think!
    I do the same thing- some memories are clear as a bell- but there are year stretches that I can't dredge up a single clear memory...? I don't know. It doesn't help that my husband has one of those 'elephant' memories and is always 'helpfully' pointing things out that I am remembering incorrectly! lol

  2. Holy crap talk about your lucky stars!!!


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  4. Post pregnancy brain I guess... I didn't know that I could get that too! ;-)