Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nice walk

We went on the W&OD trail a nice long walk. It was really nice. There is still a little bit of snow left and right and I guess that kept most of the bikers away. It was so nice and quiet and the little one just loved it. He could look around out of his new stroller and took only one little nap in between, when he couldn't keep himself awake anymore. So cute.
We were walking for 2 hours and I was pretty beat afterwards. We are doing the South Beach Diet right now - Dad's have to loose baby weight too ;-).
Just like with any other diet, you need to exercise. This is the perfect exercise to take your little one with you and you don't have to spend any money. We are done with the first week and I lost over 10 Pounds already. It's great. You cut out all the carbs and sugars (Sodas etc.) in phase 1 and make your own meals with a meal plan. There are 3 phases and you can find them online at for free and you don't have to sign up for it. There are support groups on Facebook as well with tips and tricks. Just check it out, it's very interesting. We bought the book and it helps to understand how your body and the whole diet works. You can get it at Amazon for around $10.00 for example. I can only recommend it if you want to take some weight off.

Bundled up and in an awesome mood. He just loved the whole ride. We walked by the Hunters Run Wine Barn at first and stopped by later for a great glass of wine. It's just a really family friendly and inviting place to go to. We love it there and can't wait until the weather gets better and we can enjoy the great outside setting. Bring on the warm weather!

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  1. I love taking our long walks together! It was so calm and peaceful that day on the bike trail. I'm really happy that we are diong this diet together! I feel great since we started. There's no turning back now!