Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life is good

Life is good! Enjoying the great outdoors with the family! Loving the sun and the warm spring weather with my son in the hammock! My beautiful 2 in the sunlight on a great afternoon in the backyard

It's just great to have the whole family home on such an awesome day. Doing some yard work, entertaining the little one and feeling good all day. If the weather would just stay like this all summer long. I'm not complaining, just wishing a little...
I like the snow too, but when this weather comes around, I just want to keep it.

Liam likes to explore everything ever since he turned 9 month last week and started crawling on that day. Nothing is safe anymore and he is getting faster and faster every day. That is so much fun and we love every minute of it...

Wishing everybody a great and healthy spring season, or in Liams words: Ga, ga, ga, ga, ga :-)

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