Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rough night - better day

Rough night last night. Liam couldn't move his left arm somehow and was really cranky all night long. I don't really know what happened, but he is pushing himself up on his knees since yesterday. I'm guessing he sprained his arm a little bit by pushing himself up. Went to the pediatrician this morning and of course it was all better when we got there. He was just in a great mood afterwards and we went to Ihop in Ashburn. It's ok for a Dad + Kid to go there. Food was ok this time and there is a changing table (clean) in the men's room. That's a plus.
After that, we went to the Dulles Town Center and walked around inside and out. Looked at all the stuff we can't afford and spent almost 3 hours doing this. It was great.
Liam loves his new stroller. Chicco Cortina -
This stroller is easy to handle and it reclines easily too. Highly recommend it!
The little one was taking it all in from his new seat with a great new view for him. He even missed his afternoon nap. It was fascinating...
Went to Wegmans in Leesburg on the way home and got a few things. This is the best place to change a diaper so far. They have a family room, you can fit the stroller in and it's really "comfortable" to move around. A+
Wegmans is our favorite, shopping wise anyways. Great store from top to bottom.
Finished the day with making our own Baby food. We have the "Super Baby Food" book by Ruth Yaron as our little helper. If you want to know about making your own Baby food, you have to get this book. My tip of the day! It's awesome and we have a lot of food ready to go now.
Next swim class tomorrow. Something to look forward to...

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