Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swim class got cancelled

Swim class got cancelled today. Still to much snow in the way.
So we went out anyways to Wegmans in Leesburg and had Lunch. Love the subs! Especially the "Old Fashioned". Mmmmh....
After that we went to a friends house and he told me that they pay $300 for child care every week. That is crazy. I mean, I'm staying home with our little one and we are really tight on money right now, but how can you afford that kind of money??? That is just crazy. You are working your behind off, just to pay for child care! Unbelievable. And than you don't even know if your child is in good hands.
On the other hand I feel really bad that I don't bring any money in and that we have to stretch every single Dollar. It's not easy right now, but I believe that this is the best for our son. Not the money part of course, but the fact that one parent is with him at all times. I wish I could work part time somewhere, just to make it a little easier on us. My wife is just great and she is trying really hard to make enough money for us. She is a flight attendant and she is flying a lot one month and not that much the next. It's just the way it is right now. What can we do.
Liam is still working on his 5th tooth and he had big trouble falling asleep tonight. He is rolling over like a big guy and it can't be any longer and he starts crawling. Can't wait!!!
Enough for today. Let's see what tomorrow will have in store for us...
Gute Nacht!

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