Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Post Pregnancy" weight loss challenge - Update -

OK, I'm back and still trying to lose the weight. Thanksgiving and Christmas + the time in between was a big set back. Caught a cold, or 2 on top of that and I was out of my game. :-(

We signed up for LA Fitness and they opened up a brand new gym 4 weeks ago. It is about 7 miles away from our house and I've been at least 3 times a week since they've opened. I adjusted my diet a little bit since the beginning of the year and I haven't had any fast food, sodas, or beer, (16 days and counting). I'm trying to cut back on the bread (I love bread! Especially with Nutella... Mmmmh) as well and I've lost 10lbs in the last 4 weeks! So the 10lbs I lost by the beginning of November, I found and put back on again by the end of last year. That puts me back to the level I was on 2.5 month ago.

I want to lose at least lose 5 more till the end of this month. Let's see how that goes...

This was my best workout yet. 1 hour on the treadmill and burned a little bit over 1000 Calories! Was a little sore after this...

Wish me Luck! ;-)

Mr. Mom

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  1. Way to go! The holidays can definitely set you back. I actually lost weight during the holidays. That's what a stomach virus & two nasty colds will do to you! Unfortunately now that I'm well I'm eating again. Oh well.