Monday, November 1, 2010

"Post Pregnancy" weight loss challenge - Update -

First month behind me and 11 Lbs down! My minimum goal was to lose 10 Lbs and I got that, plus a little more... Yeah me!
I had my ups and downs the last weeks, but I'm glad that I'm still on track and I'm feeling great!
My wonderful wife and I signed up for the gym as well and it's great to have her on my side to achieve my goal!
The pants are getting a little more loose and I can't wait to fit back in those older pairs.
11 down, 19 more to go till the end of the year. Let's see how Thanksgiving will work out...
Bring on the rest of the year! I think I'm ready and I'm in it to win it!

Who is still with me? ;-)

Mr. Mom

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